Little about myself

1) Basic information:

Gennady M., was born on 1963, in family of the employees, Russian.

Abroad was not, in parties did not consist, in the criminal liability was not involved, in elective bodies did not participate, in public activity was not engaged, awards, the inventions and scientific degrees I have not, the relatives in captivity, to intern and to repression were not.

2) Formation (basic and additional):

1970-1980 high school
1980-1985 LGU (Leningrad State University), mathematical-mechanical faculty
1987 . Leningrad institute of improvement of professional skill, rates of the system programmers
a l w a y s school of life and self-education ("century live - century learn")

3) Labour biography:

4) Skills and knowledge:

  • programming on C (Algol-68, PL/1, Assembler, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, REXX, C++, Java, Lisp);
  • work in UNIX (DOS, Windows) on computers Indy SGI (SM, IBM-360, VAX, IBM PC);
  • designing and development of modular program complexes and systems of visualization;
  • work with Internet-technologies and programs;
  • 5) Family and relatives:

    6) Hobby:

  • basic hobby - my work;
  • fiction has ceased to read for a long time;
  • but I love technical, popular scientific, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV;
  • I sing and play on a guitar (friends it is pleasant);
  • I love beer and shashlik on a coast of lake;
  • I want to learn to grow small trees in pots (joke);

  • Gennady M.
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